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Caribbean hotpot: Vegetable rice dish with tempé

This week one-pot recipes are on the menu. This dish is a quick nutritious meal with lots of vegetables (50%). One-pot yard long bean and sugarsnaps (mangetout) with parboiled brown rice and tempé. Yard long bean In the Wheel of Five, yard-long bean falls into the green legumes category. They also are long pods. With Read More || Verder lezen

Festive sandwich toppings: Wholemeal Deli Roll topped with tofu, cucumber and fried onions

During the #feestjeopjebord campaign, there is a new challenge every week to create a healthier breakfast, lunch or dinner. The challenge this week is to have vegetable or fruit sandwich toppings for your daily lunch. And to vary the types of bread. Below you will find a recipe for lunch with plantbased toppings: Wholemeal Deli Read More || Verder lezen

Summer Dairy breakfast: Yogurt with quinoa and a mango-pineapple topping

Dairy for breakfast, that is the challenge for this week. Choose from milk, yogurt or quark. And also Skyr or cheese. These are all sources of calcium and vitamin B12. Choose low-fat, natural flavoured options. They contain less saturated fat and less added sugar.   Dairy-free options such as plant-based (soy)yogurt are also a healthy Read More || Verder lezen

Corn flour tortillas with grilled cod and a grilled vegetable salad

This week opt for fish on your tortilla. And prepare the tortilla meal yourself. Without supermarket mealkits or ready made seasoning blends. These boxed mealkits are unnecessary. They require you to add all the main ingredients. And their content mainly consists out of easy to make seasoning blends. These blends are often heavily salt based. Read More || Verder lezen

Fresh with fruits: Grapefruit Salad

Have 2 or 3 pieces of fruit (200-300 grams) throughout the day. And have your first piece early in the day. Both fresh fruit and frozen fruit are included in the Voedingscentrum ‘s Schijf van Vijf (The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Wheel of Five). Start every day with fruit as part of your breakfast. Not possible Read More || Verder lezen

Lunch on green: Glass noodles with carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts

How do you eat at least 250 grams of vegetables per day? Try eating more salads. Your lunch is a chance to add a serving of vegetables. Below you will find a recipe for a light salad with vegetables: glass noodles with carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts. Glass noodles Glass noodles are also called mung Read More || Verder lezen

Spring campaign: Feestje op je Bord (Party on your plate)

This spring we are going to lose weight with a party on your plate. During our campaign: “Party on your plate!” we work on improving (y)our breakfast, lunch and dinner. One new challenge at a time. You can take part all nine weeks, but you can also join in anytime. We are going to inspire Read More || Verder lezen

Smart Portions cooking workshops for weight-loss

Starting October the Smart Portions cooking workshops will take place for the 2 nd year. They form part of the Smart Portions weight-loss course and consist of 3 monthly cooking classes which can also be attended separately. Learn how you prefer to cook and eat healthy ingredients. And learn how they fit into your daily Read More || Verder lezen

What does the Portion Size Trend Predicit for 2050?

Portion Sizes have increased in the last decades. This infographic shows you how this trend may develop. And what could be the predictions for the hamburger size and average male’s body weight in 2050. Time to Scale Back Portion sizes have steadily increased over the past few decades. Hamburgers are three times bigger than they Read More || Verder lezen