Personal nutrition advice



You can contact me for the following services:

  • Personalised Nutrition Consultation
  • Appointment for a weigh-in
  • Packages sessions for individuals: support in the process of weight control and making  positive lifestyle changes
  • Workshops and courses for groups
  • 10 Weekly Challenges During BGN Campaigns in the Spring and Fall

And also, active sessions

  • Running Therapy: running sessions at a comfortable pace for body and mind

Individual counseling and Group courses

Individual guidance


Before our first session (intake), you will complete a food record.

First session: initial evaluation consultation

  €65 ∞ 60 minutes 

This session is about your personal goals, motivation, and expectations for weight management support. You will be weighed on a scale that has a body composition analyser installed. And your waist is going to be measured. Together, we will establish the first phase of an action plan to achieve your weight-related goals.

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Follow-up consultation: Nutritional advice

€65 ∞ 60 minutes

In this session, you will receive an action plan designed to achieve your goals. And we will discuss it. It is based on your eating habits, your goals and your motivation. And how I can guide you through the process. Your body composition is also taken into account.

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Follow-up consultation (individual session)

€ 35 ∞ 30 minutes

During these sessions, you will come for a weigh-in. And your waist is measured. We will talk about your weight journey and the progress of your goals.

The sessions will help you:

  • Lose weight, gain weight or stay on weight
  • Make Positive Lifestyle Changes
  • Develop insight into your diet
  • improve eating habits with Portion Control Coaching

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Group courses


Smart portion control

€ 350 ∞ 8 meetings

This course begins with a first individual assessment session. After that, you will participate in 5 classroom theory lessons and 3 cooking classes (practice). Located in a pleasant supportive setting. The duration of the course is 4 months. This course includes activities and tips from the SMARTsize Me method, a lifestyle intervention recognized by

The sessions will help you: 

  • Lose weight
  • Develop insight into your eating habits
  • Improve your eating habits with Portion Control coaching

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For whom

The services are suitable for healthy people who want to start their weight goals with personalized nutrition advice. For goals ,such as:

  • weight management
  • creating healthy eating habits and a positive lifestyle
  • stay healthy with a science-based approach

Who are aged 18 years and up.


The end result is a target weight that is reached. And maintained without meal replacements or diets.

Medical or psychological challenges

There are instances in which one can benefit from lifestyle intervention, but will also require additional support in the form of medical or psychological treatment.

For example, if current weight is due to a medical reason or a psychological condition. Or when it falls into the seriously overweight category.

In such instances, you will be referred (back) to the doctor for medical or psychological care. And to be able to discuss participation in specialised lifestyle services.

Further information

BGN Membership

As a certified weight management consultant, I am affiliated with and recognised by the “BGN”. That is the Professional Association of Weight Management Consultants in the Netherlands.

The BGN weight management consultant  advises individuals on improving their eating habits and achieving a healthy weight. We follow the Health Council’s Guidelines for a healthy diet. For you, this means that we only provide science-based nutrition advice. – The BGN

Science backed nutritional advice

The BGN weight management consultant provides science-based nutrition advice.

As a psychologist, I’m also specialised in healthy habits and the science behind them.

Insurance & Nutrition Consultation Services


Seeking nutritional advice falls into the following categories:

  • Preventive classes
  • Personal care, such as a visit to a hairdresser, a beauty salon or a gym.


If you want to be reimbursed for preventive courses and personal care, you can take out extra insurance.

Many health insurers have made provisions in their supplementary packages for the (partial) reimbursement of a personalised nutritional advice program with guidance from a weight management consultant registered with the BGN.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Psychology and Psychological Care

The workfield of a psychologist is wide and varied.

Psychologists can work as a teacher, researcher or consultant. But psychologists also work in the advertising world. In fact, psychologists work wherever knowledge about people’s behavior is needed. – Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP)

If you are in need of psychological care, it is recommended to discuss the options with your doctor.

Read more at: Psychologische Zorg (Dutch)