Lifestyle Workshops & Sessions

Practical lifestyle advice and information from Health psychology and Weight Management Consulting.

Adults who want to improve their eating and exercise habits, can call on me for help. I go through your eating habits with you, and give you personal advice on how to improve them.  Small changes in your diet can positively influence your health.

Topics Lifestyle Workshops & Sessions:

For whom

  • adult with weight goals and / or nutrition concerns/questions about nutrition
  • for individuals and for groups
    • seeking advice in adapting their lifestyle (diet, exercise and behavior)
    • seeking practical support and who want to be informed.


Participants receive:

  • advice to adapting their lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and behavior modification.
  • according to the dietary Dutch Gezondheidsraad guidelines
  • efficient methods to maintain, lose or gain weight
  • using e.g. the SMARTsize Me method

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