Nutrition consultations

Practical nutrition-counseling, lifestyle advice, information and research from health psychology and Weight Management Consulting.

Nutrition consultations

  • What changes can we make in your eating habits?
  • Which fit best inyour daily diet?
  • Which weight goals do you want to work on?

Personal nutrition advice for a healthy weight

A healthy body weight:

  • has a BMI value between 18.5 and 25.
  • And is obtained in a healthy way.

For a healthy weight, we need to:

gain, lose or maintain weight.

But how?
For practical help with this, you can contact me.


You will receive:

Personal and practical nutrition advice. Based on: your food preferences, lifestyle, age, gender, the amount of energy & nutrients you need, your activity level, current weight and weight goals.

  • according to the dietary guidelines of the Dutch Gezondheidsraad
  • and efficient methods to keep track of the weight
  • for example using the SMARTsize Me – Method

For whom

  • adults with weight goals and / or nutrition concerns
  • for individuals and for groups
  • seeking advice to change their lifestyle (diet, exercise and habits)
  • seeking practical support
  • For whom it is medically responsible* to make lifestyle changes.

Medically responsible means that at this moment:

  • No other weight or health goal is a priority.
  • These goals require treatment in the short-term , and a medical attention.