Advice and Consultancy

Psychological insights and knowledge in the areas of lifestyle, the brain and nutrition:

• Consultancy Services:

by providing Health Promotion, Primary Care Mental Health Services, brain facts, statistics based on the latest developments in the psychology of everyday behavior for example the psychology of eating (the why, what and how to maintain good health) and exercise.

  • Advice on everyday behaviour for example the psychology of eating and exercise.
  • Advice on appropriate use of psychological terminology for literature and articles.
  • Advice on the expression of psychological disorders for appropriate description in scenarios and texts.
  • Advice and providing guidance for research. Including thesis research. A critical look at the research and practical advice will be given.
  • Nutrition advice from a psychological point of view Personal practical nutrition advice based on your food preferences, lifestyle, age, gender, the amount of energy and nutrients you need, your activity level, current weight and weight goals. What changes can we make in your eating habits? Which fit into your daily diet?