The Green Start: Crispbread with vegetable spread

Create a vegetable breakfast is this week’s challenge. For example, choose to have: a breakfast salad or an avocado serving. Have your omelet or scrambled eggs with vegetables. Or choose classic toast-vegetables combinations. Such as toast with: fried mushrooms, baked beans or tomatoes (pan con tomate). Vegetable spreads There are many vegetable spreads to choose Read More || Verder lezen

Festive sandwich toppings: Wholemeal Deli Roll topped with tofu, cucumber and fried onions

During the #feestjeopjebord campaign, there is a new challenge every week to create a healthier breakfast, lunch or dinner. This week’s challenge is to have your daily lunch with vegetable or fruit sandwich toppings. And to vary the types of bread. Below is a plant-based lunch recipe: Wholemeal Deli Roll topped with tofu, cucumber and Read More || Verder lezen

Corn flour tortillas with grilled cod and a grilled vegetable salad

This week opt for fish on your tortilla. And prepare the tortilla meal yourself. Without mealkits from the supermarket or ready made seasoning blends. These boxed mealkits are unnecessary. They require you to add all the main ingredients. And their content mostly consists of seasoning blends that are easy to make. Often these blends are Read More || Verder lezen

Lunch on green: Glass noodles with carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts

How do you eat at least 250 grams of vegetables per day? Try eating more salads. Your lunch is an chance to add a vegetable serving. Below is a recipe for a light vegetable salad: glass noodles with carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts. Glass noodles Glass noodles are also known as mung bean noodles, vermicelli Read More || Verder lezen

Spring campaign: Feestje op je Bord (Party on your plate)

This spring we are going to lose weight with a party on your plate. We will work on improving (y)our breakfast, lunch and dinner during our spring campaign: “Party on your plate!”. One new challenge at a time. You can participate for all nine weeks, but at any time you can also join in. We Read More || Verder lezen