Food and Psychology

Psychology of Eating

Practical nutrition-counseling, lifestyle advice, information and research from health psychology and Weight Management Consulting.


  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight with my help.
  • Together we work towards your improved eating habits and weight goals.
  • Individually or in a group during a lifestyle workshop


  • What changes can we make in your eating habits?
  • Which fit best inyour daily diet?
  • Which weight goals do you want to work on?

Personal nutrition advice voedingsadviesfor a healthy weight

A healthy body weight:

  • has a BMI value between 18.5 and 25.
  • And is obtained in a healthy way.

For a healthy weight, we need to:

gain, lose or maintain weight. .

But how?
For practical help with this, you can contact me.
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Lifestyle Workshops & Sessions


These intentions are mentale mental processes. Continue reading

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