Services for Psychological insights and knowledge: Behavioural Expertise & Behaviour Change

Behavioural Expertise

Services within behavioural expertise include training, research, and consulting from a psychological perspective on human behaviour.


Training that takes into account human potential, mental processes, and behaviour.

Designed to boost performance, improve health and prevent disease.

  • Workshops, presentations, and short courses on various topics, including “Action Plan” training.
  • SMART-ER Personal Development Plan Creation – to help you reach your objectives.
  • A Short Course on “How the Brain and Mind Work.”

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Knowledge on human behaviour to incorporate essential psychological insights into your work.

Insightful and scientific background information from the field of psychology.

  • Psychology of writing, documentary research, and fictional character development.
  • Psychology for applying products to, for instance, Down Syndrome

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Advice from a psychologist as a consultant for a better understanding of human behaviour. 

Psychological wellbeing practitioner advice based on the most recent psychological findings on daily behaviour.

Consultation sessions, such as psycho-education in primary care services.

Consultations for information and better understanding of human behaviour.

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Behaviour Change & Health Coaching

Behaviour change services such as positive lifestyle change interventions and health coaching.

Individual clients and organisations can contact me for nutrition consultation and running therapy.

Let’s make some positive lifestyle changes.

Nutrition consultation

Nutrition consultation
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Sessions Running Therapy

Running therapy
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Prevention & Positive Lifestyle Change

Classes, workshops andscientific background information

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Services are available in Dutch, English, and Spanish.

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