Sharon Hasselbaink, MSc

Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Weight management Consultant and Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker

Offers you insights from psychology on health, the brain, eating, food, and more to increase one’s understanding of human behaviour.

Many of the challenges we face are rooted in human behaviour. Psychological knowledge can help us find solutions to these challenges.

Sharon works with individuals and companies to share how psychology can improve anyone and any business.

Services are available in Dutch, English, and Spanish.

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I offer a psychological perspective on human behaviour in the context of training, research, and advice. 

I also offer health coaching. Individual clients and organisations can contact me for nutrition consultation and running therapy.

Behavioural Expertise

> Training

Training that considers human potential, mental processes and behaviour. Designed to improve performance, promote health and prevent disease.

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> Research

Psychology for writing, documentary research, and fictional character development to incorporate essential insights into human behaviour.

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> Consultancy

Consultation sessions such as psycho-education in primary care.

Consultations for information and better understanding of human behaviour.

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Health Coaching

Let’s make some positive lifestyle changes.

Sign up for Nutrition consultation or Running therapy sessions.

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Wijnhaven 36B, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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MON-THU-FRI 09:00 – 18:00

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Phone : + 31 6 3950 8397

* Consultations are by appointment only. Schedule your appointment online.

CORONAVIRUS: The in-person consultations at this location have been postponed until further notice due to the virus! You can still reach me by phone and online via the appointment planner/health tool.

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