Sharon Hasselbaink, MSc

Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Weight management Consultant and Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker

Offers you psychological perspectives on the human psyche, mental and physical health, the brain, eating, food, and other topics to increase one’s understanding of human behaviour.

Many of the challenges we face are rooted in human behaviour. Psychological knowledge can help us solve these challenges by better understanding the cause.

Sharon works with individuals and companies to share how psychology can improve anyone and any business.


Services are offered in Dutch, English, and Spanish.

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I offer a psychological perspective on human behaviour in the context of training, research, and consulting. 

Sharon also provides behaviour change services. Such as positive lifestyle change interventions and coaching for health and wellness.

Behavioural Expertise

> Training

Training that considers human potential, mental processes, and behaviour.

Designed to boost performance, improve health and prevent disease.

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> Research

Psychology for writing, documentary research, and fictional character development.

Improve your work by incorporating key insights about the human psyche and human behaviour.

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> Consultancy

Psycho-educational consultation sessions in primary care.

(In-company) Classes and consultations for those who work with people to understand more about (daily) human behaviour, the mind, and the brain.

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Behaviour Change & Health Coaching

Behaviour change services encourage behaviour change, healthy behaviour, and personal growth from the inside out. These include positive lifestyle change interventions and health coaching.

To promote personal growth and transformation through knowledge and experience while considering psychological aspects, physical and mental health benefits, and what it takes to complete the personal journey.

Individual clients and organisations can contact me for nutrition consultation and running therapy.

Let’s make some positive lifestyle changes.

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Prevention and Positive lifestyle change

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Wijnhaven 36B, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Phone : + 31 6 3950 8397

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