Sharon Hasselbaink

Psychologist/Neuroscientist, MSc.

Specialisations: Health behaviour, Mental Health, Brain & Behaviour

Services: Behavioural Expertise & Healthcoaching


Sharon Hasselbaink is a psychologist and neuroscientist with experience helping people understand and change their behaviour. She specialises in health behaviour, mental health, and the relationship between the brain and behaviour. And provides her services as a behavioural expert and health professional/coach.

She works with individuals and companies to share how psychology can improve anyone and any business. Psychological knowledge can help us solve challenges rooted in human behaviour by better understanding the cause.

Academic Background to Behavioural Expertise

Sharon studied clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and health psychology, all of which are concerned with the human mind and human behaviour.

Sharon’s academic background in behaviour, brain health, and mental health allows her to provide insights into the human mind, our behaviour, and other aspects involved. These insights can help anybody or any organisation achieve their goals, realise their human potential, or deal with challenges rooted in human behaviour.

Health & Behaviour

“Health is and means more than just the absence of disease. You can positively influence your health by making small changes in your thinking style, perspective, daily diet and in your daily routines (work, study, and living) .”


Consult with me for health coaching or behavioural expertise to help you improve your health-related behaviour or work.

Activities: You can contact me for activities and services like writing, reviewing, training, consulting, research, and health promotion.

Themes: Nutrition, Psychology, Behavioural change, Human potential, Foodpsychology, Nutritional Neuroscience, Foodwriting and Runningtherapy. are some of the themes I work with.

Services for Psychological Insights and Knowledge: Behavioural Expertise & Behaviour Change

Psychological knowledge can help us solve challenges rooted in human behaviour by better understanding the cause and achieving success in business and life.

Services: Training, Research and Consultancy

Psychological knowledge also helps people make positive life changes, such as improving their health or weight management.

Services: Nutrition consulting, Health promotion.

A personalised running programme that combines stress-free, relaxing running with exercises to improve physical and mental health.

Service: Runningtherapy

Affiliated with:

  • NIP – The Dutch Institute of Psychologists, professional association of psychologists in the Netherlands
  • BPS – The British Psychological Society
  • LV POH-GGZ – Dutch National Association of Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Workers
  • BGN – Professional Association of Weight Management Consultants in the Netherlands
  • @Cal Alumni Network

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