Campaign “Vitaal Vooruit” now launched

“From Monday, September 21st to Sunday, November 15th, our Vitality Forward 1.2.3 campaign will take place. It will be a fun campaign to inspire you to influence your daily eating pattern directly and to focus on a healthy future!”-BGN.

During the next eight weeks, you will receive daily tips for a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle. You will also receive recipes, exercise tips and a daily triple-challenge.

The BGN and its members organise this campaign to help you make gradual changes in your eating, drinking and exercise habits. The campaign also prepares you to continue independently during the summer and the winter.

Joining in: How and Where?



“The campaign focuses on three practical daily eating challenges, which together make up the 1,2,3 from the campaign title Vitaal Vooruit 123:

One handful of nuts

Two pieces of fruit

and three ounces of vegetables “- BGN


You will receive daily social media posts.

You can follow the campaign online on:

Like & Follow these channels for updates.


Individual Trajectory

For personal support with this challenge, you can sign up for an individual trajectory towards healthier eating habits. The individual sessions will take place in Rotterdam.

Create a free account for this at

Booking tool

The link above is to my appointment planner. With this tool, you can also keep track of your measurements, eating and exercise. You can also keep a lifestyle diary and use it to prepare your sessions.


You can also take part in events to help you create healthy habits in your daily life.

BGN affiliated Weight consultants organised these events. We give you personal nutrition advice and suggestions for a healthy lifestyle.

Find your local BGN Weight Consultant at:

Who are we?

The campaigns are the BGN’s annual initiative. The BGN is the Professional Association of Weight Management Consultants in the Netherlands.

A BGN weight consultant:

  • Motivates people to develop healthy eating and exercise habits.
  • Guides you through weight loss, weight gain or maintaining weight.
  • Does not work with slimming products or diets
  • Is a certified weight consultant
  • Is both a nutritionist and coach
  • Regularly takes professional training courses on nutrition, exercise and coaching.

Medically responsible participation

BGN campaigns motivate adults to develop healthy eating and exercise habits to prevent illness and stay fit.

The focus is on developing general habits for healthy eating and weight control.

Please consult your doctor before taking part if you have a medical or mental health condition.

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