Do you have clients or patients who can improve their health through nutrition counselling and an adapted running program (running therapy)?

If so, then you can refer them for health coaching. Individual clients can contact me for health coaching through personal nutritional advice and running therapy.

Health Coaching

Individual clients can contact me for nutrition counselling and running therapy. These are recognised lifestyle interventions that promote healthy lifestyle changes and which health goals people can achieve.

The applied methods are acknowledged as effective by the Government’s Health Department (Loket Gezond Leven ) and Health insurance companies.

Please use the contact form to contact me.

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Complete it for collaborations, or if you have questions about the lifestyle services.

Please find more information below on the health coaching services and how to refer a client.

– Sharon Hasselbaink, psychologist/neuroscientist, weight management consultant and psychological wellbeing practitioner.

Health coaching: Information for referrers

 1. Which services?

> Weight management Services (with supplementary health insurance coverage)

  • Personal trajectories – Personal nutrition consultations without medical indication.

Aspects such as eating habits and food temptations are addressed.

>Active Sessions (without health insurances coverage)

  • Running therapy

Running therapy is the perfect way for people to improve their mental health and enjoy and keep up for at least one hour of physical activity per session. It is a complementary body-mind intervention for people with mild symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions.  

 2. What type of care?

> Type of Care

  • Preventive care
  • Health Promotion
  • Nutrition counselling without medical indication

The goal is to help clients become more aware of weight-related factors and long-term eating behaviour. And to promote a lifestyle-based approach that encourages people to include healthy habits into their daily routine.

 3. What is the referral process?

> Referral Process

  1. GPs, health and wellness professionals can refer clients to lifestyle weight management services.
  2. No referral is required to start nutritional counselling sessions by a BGN weight consultant.
  3.  No referral is necessary to start running sessions.
  4. Clients can independently book a session via this link: Book a Session
  5. The first session is an intake.
  6. The first runningtherapy session is both an intake and a taster session.
  7. Referrers receive a progress report if the client agrees.

 4. What are the referral criteria?

> Referral Criteria

Clients meet the following criteria:

Body Mass Index (BMI)

    • BMI of 17,5 or above
    • BMI 30 or below

Risk Profile

    • Low-risk clients (Tier 1 or Tier 2)

Health Goal

    • Benefits from general nutrition advice

Personal Motivation

Anyone referred will be motivated to change their lifestyle. And this person will also have enough knowledge and skills to manage personal self-care.

 5. Is there health coverage for this care?

> Health Insurance Coverage included in Supplementary Health Insurance Packages

Nutrition counselling

You will find a recent overview of health insurers that offer (partial) cover at 

Whether the client is (partially) reimbursed depends on:

    1. the health insurance company
    2. whether the client has additional insurance for reimbursements for preventative care.

Running therapy

Running therapy is recognised as insured care if it is part of the treatment plan for inpatient patients.

Health insurance companies consider this intervention to be a health beneficial complementary intervention.

Although running therapy has scientifically proven health benefits, it is not included in supplementary packages for a (partial) cover by most health insurance companies, except for De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar zorgverzekering.

 6. What are the exclusion criteria?

> Nutrition Counselling: Not suitable for clients with a:

      • Physical condition
      • Mental health condition

The client will be referred (back) to the doctor in the circumstances mentioned above as the client needs medical attention, psychotherapeutic counselling or nutrition therapy.

> Runningtherapy: Not suitable for clients with a:

      • difficulty  walking, dancing, or biking for an hour
      • difficulty addressing concerns through the body to let them go.
      • physical problems such as heart problems, chest pains, often feeling weak, blood pressure problems, bone or joint problems, operations, previous injuries, an injury within the last year, or other physical conditions.

While healthcoaching is important for everyone, these services are not suitable for everyone.

People with health conditions should talk with their doctor before starting any lifestyle changes.

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