Health Coaching

Do you have clients who are motivated to lose weight responsibly, but don’t know how to start? Could they use psychological insights to develop healthy eating habits?

Since 2005 nutritional advice has been an integral part of my work in the field of psychology. It was part of the debriefing with patients, relatives and staff (Korsakov Unit) after a psychological assessment.

The patient’s malnourishment explained the diet-related causes of brain injury and thus the findings of the psychological assessment. Through further certified training, I further immersed myself in nutrition and health coaching.


I work with lifestyle interventions and programs. As well as interventions that are otherwise scientifically backed or approved by psychologists. Like, runningtherapy, which is a mind-body intervention.

I am certified in these interventions. And was trained by, among others, the Brickhouse Academy to use the SMARTsize Me Method.


I offer my services in Dutch, English and Spanish. Read more about my services on the service page.


Feel free to contact me for support. Please use the contact form to contact me. Complete it for collaborations, or if you have any questions about the services.

Below you will find information on how to refer a client to me.

– Sharon Hasselbaink, psychologist / neuroscientist, weight management consultant and psychological wellbeing practitioner.


Weight management Services (with health insurances coverage)

  • Private nutrition consultations
  • Group Sessions – Smart Portion Control Slimming Course

The group course consists of a combination of 5 classroom lessons for theory and 3 practical lessons in the kitchen. Attention is paid to, among other things, eating habits and food temptations. The cooking lessons may also be taken separately.

Active Sessions (without health insurances coverage)

  • Running therapy

Type of Care

  • Preventive care
  • Health Promotion
  • Nutritionial advice without medical indication

The goal is to help clients become more aware of weight-related factors, particularly long-term eating behaviour. And to promote a lifestyle-based approach that encourages people to blend healthy habits into their daily routine.

Referral Process

  • Referrals into the service can be made by GP’s , health- and welness professionals.
  • No referral is required to start sessions by a BGN weight consultant.
  • Clients can independently book a session via this link: Book a Session
  • The first session is an intake.
  • Referrers receive a progress report, if the client agrees.

Referral Criteria

  • BMI of 17,5 or above
  • BMI 30 or below
  • Low risk clients (Tier 1 or Tier 2)
  • Benefits from general nutrition advice

Anyone referred will also have sufficient knowledge, skills and motivation to manage their own lifestyle.

Not suitable for clients with a:

  • Physical condition
  • Mental condition

In the situations described above, the consultant will refer a client (back) to the doctor. For medical, dietary or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Health Insurance Coverage

A recent overview of health insurers providing these reimbursements, can be found on

Whether the client is (partially) reimbursed depends on:

  1. the health insurance company
  2. whether the client has additional insurance for reimbursements for this type of care.

You can contact the health insurer with any questions you may have.

More and more health insurers have made provisions in their supplementary packages for (partial) reimbursement of the costs of consultation by the BGN weight consultant.

The  BGN weight consultant

A BGN weight consultant meets the following quality requirements:

  • Is in possession of a recognized diploma Weight Consultant
  • Regularly follows refresher courses
  • Guides clients in keeping with the BGN guidelines.
  • Provides nutrition information if there are no medical conditions. The nutritional information is consistent with the Guidelines for Good Nutrition of the Health Council and also the Wheel of Five of the Nutrition Center.
  • Is affiliated with the BGN complaint procedure
  • Does not sell weight loss products