Book your session:

You can book 2 types of sessions.

Practical advice on personal nutrition

Using a food log to keep track of what you’re eating, we take a closer look at your eating pattern and make it healthier.

Running therapy

For running therapy, a comfortable pace is used. We switch between running and walking. And the intensity of comfortable running is similar to that of dancing or cycling.

The booking options:

Use the booking form or the Health coach tool to book.

Booking form
  1. Go to the booking form on this webiste: Booking form
  2. Follow the 5 steps in the booking process.
Go to the booking form
The Health Coach Tool.

The appointment planner is also a Health Coach Tool. You can track your measurements, eating, exercise, and lifestyle for yourself and prepare for your sessions. Create a free account at:

Use the Health coach tool

Read more about this tool:

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