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Using a food log to keep track of what you’re eating, we take a closer look at your eating pattern and make it healthier.

For running therapy, a comfortable pace is used. We switch between running and walking. And the intensity of comfortable running is similar to that of dancing or cycling.

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The appointment planner is also a Health Coach Tool where you can keep track of your measurements, eating, exercise and lifestyle. For yourself and to prepare for your sessions. Create a free account.

How do I book a session?

The 5 steps in the bookingprocess

Follow these steps using my reservation system:

STEP 1: Confirm the coach
STEP 2: Choose your location
STEP 3: Choose from the appointment types
    • VOEDINGSADVIES (Nutrition Counseling Services)
      • Intake
      • Vervolgconsult (Follow Up)
      • Weegconsult (Weigh In)
      • Telefonisch Consult (Phone call)
    • RUNNINGTHERAPIE (Runningtherapy)
      • Eerste sessie met Intake
      • een vervolgsessie (Follow Up)
STEP 4: Select an available date and time. Only the time slots that still available are shown.
STEP 5: Confirm and you will receive an email confirmation, an SMS (if checked) and a reminder email.

Watch the 5 Steps in this video

Hoe maak ik een afspraak? (Dutch),