Sharon Hasselbaink

Psychologist/Neuroscientist, MSc.

Weight Management Consultant and Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker

I am a university-trained psychologist who provides behavioural expertise for training, consulting, and human behaviour research. My specialisation is in health behaviour and the brain.

What is a psychologist?

Each academically trained psychologist is a behavioural expert. Psychologists are experts in the human mind, emotions and behaviour and know how various circumstances influence people.

Psychology focuses on studying, understanding, and influencing human behaviour to bring about positive change and solve problems in society and many other human activity areas.

My training

I received my psychology training in the Netherlands and the United States. I also have master’s degrees in clinical psychology, health psychology, and clinical neuropsychology, as well as competence in health coaching, conducting research, and (neuro) psychological assessment.

My specialisations

I specialised in the psychology of :

Health behaviour

psychological aspects and behavioural processes in health and illness for quality of life.

Mental Health

Insight that helps reduce psychological distress, improves and encourages psychological well-being, and recognises the types of mental health problems people may (or may not) have.

Brain (Health) & Behaviour

A better understanding of mental processes in daily functioning and in the case of brain damage, as well as strategies to maintain brain health.

Post-master training

My additional education and post-master training include substance abuse treatment, advanced physiological psychology, and neuropsychological toxicology.

Further study

Building on my psychology background in prevention and health promotion, I expanded my nutrition and exercise roles with personalised health advice and guidance to individual clients.

I further trained and certified in health coaching methods to help adults improve their quality of life through nutrition counselling and running therapy.

I am a qualified weight management counsellor and nutrition coach who gives people practical advice on how to improve their eating habits and achieve a healthier weight. I’m registered with professional organisations like BGN Weight Consultants and Puur Gezond.

I am also a certified Running Therapist qualified to use Runningtherapy as a complementary intervention to psychotherapy and medical treatment.

My competences

My competencies include (neuro) psychological testing, research into different aspects of human behaviour, and cultural competence, having lived, studied and worked in international environments and communities in Europe and the USA.

My areas of expertise

Areas of expertise include behaviour, the psychology of health and illness and brain health, and topics such as healthy and unhealthy eating, the meaning of food, behavioural change, the mental processes involved in behaviour change, positive lifestyle changes, physical and mental well-being, and other psychological topics.

My Work

Within and beyond clinical settings, I provide lifestyle coaching. I work with people to advise on (mental) health matters and improve health behaviour.

In clinical settings, I provide counselling to help people deal with illness and medical treatment, identify the root causes of behaviour, and explore how to adopt healthier behaviour. Also, I assess (neuro) psychological functioning after brain injury or other neurological conditions such as strokes, tumours and degenerative diseases. And I help and support adults with psychological symptoms and conditions to overcome, for example, mild depression and stress.

Professional Services

Behavioural Expertise Services

I offer a psychological perspective on human behaviour in the context of training, research, and advice.

I have developed an expert understanding of human behaviour. And I offer insights to individuals and organisations to enhance their understanding of human behaviour.

Health coaching services

In addition, I also work independently to promote healthy behaviour in adults by providing positive lifestyle advice and weight management services.
I am trained and certified in health coaching methods to help adults improve their quality of life through nutrition counselling and running therapy.

I use evidence-based training and lifestyle interventions supported by, such as the SMARTsize Me Method.

In addition, I employ psychologically accepted and scientifically validated techniques such as running therapy, which is a body-mind intervention.

Furthermore, I am also qualified to use these methods. For instance, my training includes instruction from the SMARTsize Me Method’s creators.

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