Health Insurance Coverage & Nutrition Services

General situation

Seeking nutritional advice falls into the self-care category. Similar to a visit to a hairdresser, a beauty salon, or a gym.

After your nutrition counselling session(s), you will receive an invoice for the session (s). And as a client, you pay a regular rate for the knowledge, skills, and time. recognises the lifestyle interventions used during the sessions. And the sessions take in a neutral and confidential environment.

Health-Related Costs Measures

In some cases, expenses are health-related, and you can count them as healthcare costs. In those instances, you can submit your invoice as a claim to your health insurer. And the insurer will reimburse the expenses you have incurred.

Reimbursements are determined by the type of care service, your care profile, and the insurance plan you have chosen.

Preventive care

Nutrition services without medical necessities are included for coverage in various health insurers’ supplementary health insurance plans.

Obtaining nutritional advice is included in preventive services since you reduce health issues by making more deliberate food choices and focusing on your health.

Preventive care is (partially) covered in the supplementary health insurance plans. Check your health insurance policy to find out how much and under what conditions.

Future Savings

Health insurance companies recognise the role of diet and exercise in preventing many chronic conditions and lowering future health care costs related to unhealthy behaviour, such as unhealthy eating.

Expert nutritional advice helps policyholders to maintain a balanced diet and to stay healthy.

Supplementary Health Insurance and Coverage

Supplementary health insurance is extra insurance for which an additional fee is paid.

There are personal reasons for purchasing supplementary health insurance, such as high health expenses or medical expenses abroad.

Several insurers have incorporated (partial) coverage of the nutrition services provided by the BGN-affiliated nutrition advisor in their complementary plans, (Dutch)

PLEASE NOTE: To obtain nutritional advice, you do not have to buy additional insurance.